Rural Disabled Assistance Foundation, Inc.



 Fundraiser for Injured Service Dog


My name is Debbie Hoster. I recently acquired a 22 month old Rough Collie who I named Scottie.  Scottie is a Service Dog In Training who is learning to support me with balance issues due to cerebral palsy.


Here is his story.


When we got there, we found that the owner had arranged to neuter him only two days earlier, and against my express wishes.  While I was with the owner both of us noticed blood on Scottie's back foot and his private area.  The owner did not notice other injuries on him.  I took him then because I felt that he needed more care than the owner was not willing to give. 


 My friend and I took him to the emergency vet. Scottie had developed a hematoma inside his scrotum and an infection.  The vet  prescribed several medications, and later that week removed Scottie's scrotum.  If he did not have the surgery he could have died.


I am asking for financial help with Scottie’s vet bill, which cost $2,100.   I am asking an additional $250 for medication that he needs to help heal him from the trauma of this experience.  I am, as I mentioned earlier, a person with disabilities, and I am on a fixed income. 



 The Rural Disabled Assistance Foundation has offered to help me raise the money to pay the bill.  RDAF is a non-profit organization,

a 501-C3, which means donations are tax deductible.  In addition, Gold Canyon Candle Company is doing a fundraiser during

the month of September.  RDAF helps people, like me, who have a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 

If you would like to donate to Scottie’s medical bill, you can write the check to RDAF, Inc and send it to RDAF,

1647 E. Prince Rd. Tucson AZ  85719.  All the money donated will be used to pay the vet bill. 

 You may also click on Donate on this page and make a donation via Pay Pal.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


Debbie Hoster